Buying Potcoins

  1. Register on PotWallet. You get a free and secure online potcoin wallet.
  2. Buying options:
    • Buy potcoins online with your online banking or cash deposits.
    • Buy potcoins with cash and meet the local seller face-to-face.
  3. Go to Buy potcoins section.
  4. Select from a list of available potcoin traders available in your region. You can filter by desired payment method.
  5. From the traders list, choose a trader with good reputation score displayed after username.
  6. Press buy and send a trade request with a message to the trader:
    • For online trades, seller will provide his payment details once trade is opened.
    • For cash trades, you agree the meeting time and place.
  7. Contact the seller directly through the trade messaging interface and make your payment. Once payment is made, click on "Mark Paid".
  8. After the seller gets the payment, the seller releases the potcoins and they instantly become available in your PotWallet account.

Next steps

Tips for the first potcoin trade

  • If the potcoin seller is not responding within few hours, cancel the purchase in Dashboard and pick another seller.
  • Prefer cash deposit and bank transfer payments.
  • If you mind your privacy and want to stay anonymous, the cash trade is the way to go.


Worried about the security?

PotWallet protects potcoin trade process with reputation system, escrow process, and two-factor wallet security.