About Us


PotWallet is an online potcoin wallet and trading platform, making it easier to buy, sell and exchange potcoins online. PotWallet allows people from across the world to trade potcoins relative to their own local currency, so you can exchange and trade as you go. PotWallet allows users to store their potcoins, or to arrange to buy or sell with others.

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Who We Are

PotWallet was launched by a team of potcoin enthusiasts and web developers, to unite potcoin traders across the world in providing a single platform for trading, using & storing potcoins.

Based in Montreal, Canada, PotWallet is a feature-packed peer-to-peer trading exchange, designed to offer low-cost access to the trading environment, with no corporate overheads to pay or lengthy transaction delays.


Our mission is to make PotWallet the number one destination for handling, trading and storing potcoins online. We set out to create the best possible environment for securely exchanging potcoins, so people everywhere can execute instant transactions with minimal trading costs to pay.

For every trade, we offer secure escrow protection, ensuring the smoothest possible transacting between parties.

PotWallet aims to connect the potcoin community, en route to changing the face of global finance forever. Free from political risk and interference, potcoin is a truly independent currency, and our core mission is to help spread the benefits and flexibility of potcoin trading and storage throughout the world.


PotWallet is the world’s leading secure potcoin wallet and trading platform, providing safe, decentralised potcoin transactional services to a growing international market. We are constantly looking for new talent, to attract best-in-field individuals to join our ambitious, expanding team.

If you are looking for a challenging, rewarding career shaping the future of potcoin, contact us about how you can join our dynamic team.