Privacy Policy

At (“PotWallet”, “we”, “our”), we take the privacy of your (“you”, “the user”) very seriously. All our data handling occurs in a totally secure environment, and we treat all account information with the utmost privacy in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy.

By agreeing to use any PotWallet services, you are accepting and agreeing to the Terms of Service and this, the “Privacy Policy”.

1. Information Collected By Us About You

We collect information from you when you agree to use our service, including but not limited to creating an account to use PotWallet services. We also collect information from you on third party websites, for example through the PotWallet API, which is collected by us on the same basis for providing core services to you.

Information is collected from the device and connection used to access our services, and may be recorded for the purposes of data monitoring and in accordance with any legal obligations we may be subject to.

We generally collect two types of information; i. personal information, and ii. financial information. This can include your name, address, email, phone number and other contact details, along with information as may be necessary to verify your identity or your account as requested in accordance with our Terms of Service.

We may collect other information, including data related to the transactions made to and from your PotWallet accounts. If you provide us with access to your personal social media profiles, we may have access to more information in accordance with your privacy settings and preferences.

We may also record and collect information shared with our customer support team, or any other information relevant to your use of PotWallet services.

2. Cookies

Whenever you visit our website or use any PotWallet service, you consent to the use of cookies. PotWallet or our partners and affiliates may insert cookies, pixel tags and other tracking files on your device. These are used to identify you as a customer, to customise your PotWallet experience and to keep you logged in between actions. Cookies also help us reduce our exposure to fraud and illegal activity, making PotWallet safer for every one of our users.

Session cookies are cookies which expire with your browsing session. Persistent cookies are cookies which last beyond the immediate browsing session, until they are deleted, cleared or otherwise consciously removed.

Our policy around cookies allows us a standard level of browser identification, so we can provide a unique browsing experience suited to each PotWallet user.

3. Protecting Your ID And Personal Data

We take our responsibility to your personal data very seriously, and endeavour to handle our data in accordance with best practice guidelines at all times. We take all reasonable precautions to prevent your data from being lost, misused or otherwise abused or intercepted.

We store information required to process transactions, including certain encrypted data about your banking and financial information. Credit and debit card data is stored by third party payment processing partners, and is not accessible by PotWallet at any time. PotWallet will retain all relevant information about your account for the longer of five years, or however long is required to discharge our legal obligations.

4. Marketing and Your Data

Your information may be used to customise your experience of PotWallet services. We will never sell or share your data illegitimately, but will use information collected to improve our services and deliver and more individual service. We may use your personal information to resolve disputes, provide support, process transactions, customise and measure the performance of our services, and to verify transactional data with third parties where required.

5. Sharing Your Data

Data may be shared by us and third parties in circumstances where there is a transactional need, or where we are required to do so in compliance with applicable laws. We never share your information for direct financial gain, but may share information if you are a merchant, for example, or otherwise engaging in transactions through our Exchange and Wallet services. This information is disclosed as required, and handled in accordance with best practice guidelines.

6. Accessing Your Information

You are entitled to access the information held about you by PotWallet at any time. You may review, modify and delete information that you feel is inaccurate or inappropriate, and you can do so through your account. Any rights to access information must be proportionate to the costs of gathering the requested data, and you may be asked to make a nominal contribution to the cost of retrieving data in exceptional circumstances. We hold information about your account even after it is closed, as a necessary fraud prevention measure, However, none of your personal information is used by us beyond account closure.

7. The Website

By using the PotWallet website, you agree to this Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service for use of our services. PotWallet makes no warranties about our website, or any loss, damage, or claim arising from the trading, exchange or movement of potcoins or any currency.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy and what it means for you, you can get in touch with our customer support team.