PotWallet is your feature-packed potcoin wallet & peer-to-peer trading platform. PotWallet offers you ease-of-use, security and peace of mind for daily potcoin transactions and long-term storage.

Decentralized Potcoin Trading Platform

PotWallet Peer-To-Peer Platform

On PotWallet, you deal directly with the other party. Unlike centralized potcoin trading sites, you make a trade directly with another person. This makes the process fast and efficient, with no corporate overhead. You get your potcoins instantly. Also, PotWallet can support every payment method its user community supports. For every transaction, PotWallet acts as escrow to protect the buyer/seller of potcoins.

  • Trade process is fast, lean & secure. Whole process can be done in a few minutes.
  • PotWallet supports all payment methods its users accept making potcoins accessible worldwide.

Feature-Packed Potcoin Web Wallet

Potcoin Accepted Here

Buy & Sell Potcoins

  • Decentralized peer-to-peer potcoin trading.
  • Buyers & sellers protected by PotWallet escrow system
  • Trade potcoins instantly, worldwide.

Profile & Settings:

  • Profile & Address book.
  • Email & SMS verification. Increases account security.
  • PIN System. Encrypts & locks entire account.
  • View account login history.

Sending Potcoins:

  • Send potcoins to any potcoin address.
  • Payment notes to easily track your transactions.

Deposit Potcoins:

  • Up to 50 receiving addresses.
  • Label and track each address.

Accept Potcoins:

  • Create personalized merchant payment page to easily accept potcoins
    (ex: PotWallet.com/MyStore).
  • Print your personalized page. "Potcoin, Accepted Here"


  • Fully responsive & detailed transactions history.
  • Search through thousands of transactions in seconds.

Usage Fees

Trading Fees

  • Buying/Selling potcoins without advertisement:
    No Fees. You get exact amount of potcoins purchased in your wallet.
  • Buying/Selling potcoins as an advertiser:
    1% fee from purchased amount, paid only when escrow is released.

Wallet Fees

  • Receiving potcoins:
    Unlimited, no transaction fees.
  • Sending potcoins:
    Unlimited, no transaction fees.