PotWallet Security

Security & Safety at PotWallet

PotWallet was built from the ground up with security as top priority. The result is a feature-packed, fast and secure environment to use and store potcoins.

Offline Potcoin Storage & Backups

  • Up to 98% of customer potcoins are stored securely offline to prevent against theft or loss.
  • Encrypted and secured backups distributed geographically.
  • Vaults are offline, encrypted and in cold storage. 100% secure to store large amounts of potcoins.
  • Wallets & private keys are dual encrypted.

2-Step Verification + PIN Lock

  • 2-Factor Auth: After logging in, enter mobile phone code to access account. This adds an extra layer of security in case credentials are stolen.
  • 4-Digit PIN: Encrypts and locks down your wallet, preventing wallet transactions in case someone gains access to your account.
  • Fully encrypted authentication system.

Potcoin Trading Platform

Escrow Protection

  • Escrow process locks the potcoins until trade transaction is complete.
  • When trading, potcoins are held in escrow to secure both the buyer and seller.
  • In case of any issues, PotWallet support resolves the dispute cases.

Reputation System

  • Reputation score is displayed next to trader username.
  • View public feedback, trader profiles and past activity.
  • PotWallet's reputation system helps you find established traders.

Support & dispute resolution

  • PotWallet team will resolve trade disputes in case a problem emerges between seller & buyer.
  • Disputes are usually handled within 24 hours.

Cloud Infrastructure & Application

  • PotWallet runs on privately owned hardware running in a Tier1 secure data center with 24 hour security.
  • Network and application security (protection against CSRF, XSS, DDOS and more).
  • Redundant systems & backups.
  • Encrypted communications throughout the PotWallet cloud insfrastructure.
  • Quality hardware and networks, providing you with blazing fast potcoin operations.